MK5060 exists to enable people, ideas and organizations to jointly achieve tangible goals. MK5060 focusses on making meaning through human connection with the help of digital where needed. Thus MK5060:

  • manages interdisciplinary, cross sectorial and cross cultural projects and programs;
  • chairs meetings and conferences;
  • develops conferences and supports conferences with custom made products.

My clients are typically knowledge driven organizations and their national and international umbrella organizations. These are organizations that through education empower people in their day-to-day lives and that is a cause MK5060 champions above all.

Fields of Expertise

My projects are strongly content driven and combine strategy, organization and communication and require political sensitivity.

My fields of expertise are:

  • science education and communication
  • (digital) cultural heritage including cooperation between libraries, archives, museum and galleries
  • ethical questions in science, cultural heritage and education
  • (gender)diversity and equality

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women

Madeleine K. Albright


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Program management

Achieving strategic benefits and organizational or sectorial growth based on tangible results achieved through various interrelated projects ran by different teams. Different teams whose needs have to be heard and whose processes have to be facilitated. That is a challenge MK5060 thrives on.

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Listen. Ask. Question. Clarify. Connect. Conclude.
Those are MK5060s keywords for structuring conversations and chairing meetings. MK5060 cuts to the chase, using her philosophically trained mind, love of people and sound sense of humor and relativity.

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Conference management

Preparation. That is the secret of a truly great conference that is memorable for all the right reasons. Great conferences are about custom concept development, strategic management of relations and resources, wise and enthusiastic team management and above all about having the guts to be true to yourself and your goals.


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