My Role:

concept development, conference organisation


conference management, libraries, science


Many, including the listing of the Zuiderwaterlinie as a prime community heritage project during the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018). But the best result is the continuous development of all aspects of the “linie” according to the Linieplanner (a joint planning instrument developed by the parties to concert the actions  and investments along the “linie”).


The Netherlands are famous for their multifaceted relationship with water. De Zuiderwaterlinie is a historic demarcation line that runs from Bergen op Zoom to Grave in The Netherlands. Several parties along this historic line have taken up the challenge to revitalise this line driven by a vision of community building, preservation, storytelling and regional economic development. To mobilise the professionals involved to create a concerted forward looking and acting movement, together with Erfgoed Brabant we developed a series of smaller and larger scale conferences in various locations along the “linie”. The guiding principle: ask, listen, connect, inspire, showcase!