1 Streven


Streven is a monthly magazine that looks at current issues in society from a philosophical perspective. Since 2013 I contribute regularly with essays on topics related to the realms of religion and science. Topics that confront what we believe with what we know and experience. Since about 75% of the essays submitted for publication is refused by the editors, I have to say I am incredibly proud that so far I have publishes 5 essays…and counting!


Things and Stuf

A fairytail about MK5060

When I had been on the entrepreneurial path for a number of years, I decided I needed to document my adventures in a fitting way: a fairytale! Things and Stuff gives anecdotal fairtytale style insights in the life of a do-gooder on the cross roads of organisation, education and marketing. It was written by multiple award winning poet Annemarie Estor, illustrated by Els van Egeraat, designed by Studio Bassa and published by MK5060 in a limited full colour edition.

3 Life long learning

Supporting life long learning in public libraries across Europe

(together with Juliet Eve of Brighton University and Anne-Marie Schmidt of Arhus Public Library)

This article was published in 2008 in Library Review and it’s special to me because it won us Emerald’s Award for Excellence and because it was lovely teamwork. We wrote this article as part of the European  project PuLLS: Public Libraries Supporting Life Long Learning Skills.

3 Moving images

Moving images

Moral Considerations in Cross Cultural Museum Education

When it comes to museum ethics the discussion and guidelines are focussed on objects. In my field and literature research I explored the quite uncharted territory of moral considerations that underpin the choices museum professional make in developing cross-cultural education. In addition to the objects these considerations shape the museum experience especially with the increasing experience oriented exhibitions. I strongly feel that educational ethics for museum professionals deserves decidedly more professional attention both from museum management and from policy-making bodies in the sector and should be a specific point of professional developments. With this thesis I earned my M.A., this time in the field of Applied Ethics at Utrecht University. To get a grasp of the ethics involved in education, please see this  long read I wrote: “Between ethics, entertainment and education: an ethicists view on education”.

5 Handboek

Handboek internationaal talent

Bunt-Kokhuis, S. et.al. (red.) (2007)
Amsterdam: WEKA

This handbook zooms in on what it means for professionals to work with international teams. I was very proud to be interviewed on managing international teams for this handbook alongside many other international professionals. From page 289 onwards you can read me speak for a bit about working with, around and across cultural differences in professional settings.

6 Ma Petite

Ma Petite

Margré Meijer

As the very happy owner and driver of a 1986 typhon gris 2cv I was delighted when Margre Meijer proposed to make a book about 2cv owners. A book not about the car technology but about the driving experience. A people book about cars. She carried out all the interviews, made the pictures, designed the book and put it on the market. Boy, am I proud to be one of 2cv people featured in this beautiful book!